The Trail Ginger

The Trail ginger

Hi, my name is Cat and I'm the trail ginger.  I'm a mountain biker.  I live, work and ride in the beautiful and trail rich Tweed Valley and yes you guessed it I'm ginger! I'm an ambassador for Fall Line Cycles in Peebles, Ride it Clothing and Mudhugger.  They provide me with a bike, some kit and lots of mechanical know how. I provide them with Lattes and dubious race results. Seriously though, thanks guys, you trust me to get out there and be cool, many many thanks.

I'm also a mother and a photographer, I've been a soldier and much of that still remains.  A lot of this blog is about being all of those things, how sometimes they work together and sometimes they really don't.  I hope you will enjoy my words and photographs, please comment, share or get in touch anytime.